Visual development

characters, environments and props.
I'll create and improve the visual identity and art style of your studio or project by defining colors, shapes, materials and much more...!


Shape language is key in an appealing design. Through countless iterations I will develop the most fitting shapes for your property.

Whether the intended style is realistic, stylistic or cartoony, it all starts with strong shapes!


A strong color scheme helps define the identity of a property, main characters or whole groups of people! 

Picking a carefully selected color scheme can mean all the difference in creating a professional project.


Want to give your property a more realistic look? Then materials are where it’s at! 

Let me help you select the right materials for outfits, props, buildings etc. and make sure that the details are well-balanced.

world building

When creating a larger world for your game or film project, you might want to define a clear identity for the people within that world.

By finding inspiration in real-world history and culture, I will help develop the identity of original, fantastical groups of people!


Through sketches, we can quickly get an idea of game mechanics, how they work and what they look like.

This way, the whole team has a clearer focus and will be able to save on both money and effort!

Comprehensive styleguide

After developing a styleguide for a client, all individual factors can be collected into one comprehensive styleguide. 

This gives the whole team clear idea of the end goal. 

This guide can come in the form of a neat physical book or as an ever-evolving pdf!


In the end, shapes, colors and materials come together into beauty shots. 

These high-quality art pieces give a clear direction for the rest of a project.

Want to hire me for your project? Hit me up!